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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Not-So-Old Boys’ Network

It’s my first day back at the full-time freelance thing, and I’ve taken a (possibly-deserved) break to relax and potter about, although please note that I’ve stopped well short of sitting in my dressing gown eating SuperNoodles and watching The Jeremy Kyle Show (my girlfriend’s nightmare vision of how I’ll end up).

It seems like a good time to link to some of the talented people I’ve worked with over the past six years:

Ex-colleague Dan and his friend Ian ramble and rant about poker, crisps and more. It’s worth following just to see how often Dan can break the site through over-zealous use of WordPress plugins.
Pete Morton New Media
Hopefully Pete’s now well on his way to complete domination of web development in the North East, as it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.
Miles Hill Graphic Design
Always suspiciously laid-back; surely designers are supposed to rant, bitch and grumble rather than just calmly getting the job done really well?
Jay and Morcs are back in Leamington Spa producing content management systems from a new office. Either Jay really missed Aubrey Allen lunches, or he was hypnotised into moving the business to just around the corner from Morcs’ flat.
Paul Silver
Although only brought in as a freelancer, Paul got dragged away from the south coast (You can’t throw the muffin that comes with your double-whipped-slim-lite-latte without hitting a web developer or two around here) often enough to qualify for this list, and coped admirably with the sonic torture.

Of course, the list’d be far longer if more people actually got around to creating sites for themselves (when am I finally going to be able to link to your stuff, Eric…?).


Well, I haven't broken the site for quite a while now. I've found some really good plugins recently, and I think I should maybe write a post about them all.

Now you've introduced me to Greasemonkey, I'm now customising Firefox beyond what is probably considered normal.

Haven't broken it yet either...

Daniel, 5th Aug, 9:50pm

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