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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

May Link Dump

Yeah, I know, I’ve been slacking off with the ol’ blogging duties. Things here’ll be rather busy for another couple of weeks, but here’s the regular notes.txt clearout to try to keep the site ticking over:

At long last, it looks like someone might be offering a store-builder service worth using. You can use your own domain, completely customise the templates, and the only charge is a percentage of sales. Great stuff.
A free utility that helps you avoid RSI by prompting you to take breaks and do exercises. At times that probably makes you look like you’re having a kung fu fight with the Invisible Man though.
Custom Made Toilet Paper
I really must think of an excuse to get some made to promote something.
The Generator Blog
Now they just need to create a Generator Blog generator and the site’ll run itself.
Pretty strong, stylish stuff (for a 1922 Danish silent film). Having been pleasantly surprising by how watchable Nosferatu and Metropolis still are (rather than just being iconic artifacts), I’ll have to get round to seeing this one.
Serving JavaScript Fast
Most of the tips aren’t worth bothering with for most sites, but I learned one or two things (for example, I hadn’t realised Safari and Opera never cache files with query strings; I’ve been using query strings to add version numbers to style sheets and scripts).


I tried Shopify because of your mention. It was a big big disappointment. The interface is a poor version of 37Signals Basecamp, very few options. And its use of tags rather than product categories is a needless Web 2.0 confusion. seems a bit better, but it is quite amazing that a new breed of developer-focussed/accessible stores hasn't built up and matured into better solutions.

— Andy, 21st Jun, 10:35am

I guess it's like the whole area of general content management. No one has quite got it by the scruff of the neck and tackled all aspects sufficiently well.

And yeah, using tags seemed daft to me too.

Matt Round, 21st Jun, 11:57am

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