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Pinging Bloglines

Your weblog software can now ping Bloglines to let it know about new stuff, so that any of your feed subscribers using Bloglines will get to read it sooner. Apparently LiveJournal, TypePad and Movable Type are covered anyway, as are blogs using Ping-o-Matic (which seems to be down every time I try to use it), but if you have your own blog software with a list of sites to ping then you need to add the details manually.

Updates are immediate at the moment, with new content appearing in Bloglines within a few seconds of pinging, so it’s well worth doing.


I'd like to see trackback from start to pinging another site in a clear language ... do you have any ideas...?

ellenweber, 12th May, 8:50pm


Matt Round, 13th May, 10:11pm

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