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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

April Link Dump

As usual, notes.txt needed a bit of tidying:

Dinosaur Comics book
Buy this and make Ryan North deservedly richer for delivering the goods day after day.
Subject Line Experiment
The importance of avoiding sounding ‘spammy’.
Dungeon Escape
More fun than Dragon’s Lair.
Designing a Guided Tour
Considering the flow of a design, and ensuring there’s a good focal point to push your key message, is hugely important on the web. Most corporate home pages fail because companies are often unable to decide upon that key message and instead offer a confusing array of options scattered across the page.
Q&A with Rick Baker
All about the Oscar winner’s use of ‘virtual clay’ 3D modelling package ZBrush. I now don’t know whether to buy the product or wallow in despair at how pitiful my 3D skills are in comparison.
Can I Get An Amen?
Yeah, it’s overused and clichéd by now, but it’s still a fascinating cultural artifact.
Migrating Flash Projects to Video
Handy for when you get that call from TV people wanting to use your ‘cool web shit’. Just don’t expect them to bother to let you know when it’s due to be shown.
Totally Book
I vaguely remember hearing about this last year. Pretty funny if it’s for real, and surely only a matter of time before ‘coal’ becomes a mild swear word thanks to predictive text.
About visual noise on blogs
I tried out adding some links for popular bookmarking services to this site, but decided they’re not worth the clutter and took them out today.


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