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RSS (Russ’s Subscription Seizures)

Russell Beattie’s quitting blogging, and today added a devious device to discourage people from eternally bothering the server for feeds: a big, violently-flashing “Unsubscribe, please!” animated GIF. It certainly had me quickly reaching for the Unsubscribe button, if only to get rid of it before it could trigger some kind of fit.

Watch out, Russ; remember what happened with that Pokémon cartoon

(I’d include a copy of the image, except it’s so effective I reckon a few of you would unsubscribe from this)


I didn't see the image, was it yanked?

— Greg, 25th Apr, 4:47pm

It's only in the feed, not on the site; here's a direct link to the image (particularly vicious in IE!):…

Matt Round, 25th Apr, 8:24pm

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