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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

March Link Dump

Try to think of this less as a load of old leftovers, and more as a collection of treasures I’ve carefully saved up for you:

No, I didn’t pass out on my keyboard, it’s an old Viking boardgame (I reckon a really slick online version could work well as a multi-level puzzle, battling it out against the computer; I’ve only spotted ropy-looking implementations so far).
I always loved these.
I’m not a huge fan of misusing countries’ TLDs (.tv stands for Tuvalu, not television), but this has to be one of the best domain names ever.
“If a grizzly bear got into a fight with a gorilla, who do you think would win, and why?”
If you’re in the UK and haven’t been following Coventry-based The Armstrongs on BBC2 then make sure you catch future repeats, as it’s an amusing/horrifying lesson in how not to run a company and manage people; as bosses, they’re absolutely vile and clueless (even allowing for clever editing/staging and playing up to the cameras). Luckily, the two Leamington Spa-based muppets on The Apprentice have been fired before the combined effect could do too much damage to this area’s business reputation. Anyway, blogjam tested them all with a probing question.
Invicid Shop and A LABEL
Two that would’ve made it into T Time if I’d spotted/remembered them soon enough.
Commuting to the Office in Finland
Makes my walk into town look terribly short and humdrum.
Dynamic Favicons
One of those neat little hacks that might find a real use.
ClearType in Internet Explorer 7
Good news: lots more people will be seeing anti-aliased text. Bad news: for some reason they’re making IE an exception instead of simply politely prompting people to try out ClearType system-wide.


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