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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

T Time

This is surely the nearest I’ll ever get to giving fashion advice:

Iron-On Resistance
A gorgeous site design that matches the strong style of the products and keeps the interface simple (no stupid gimmicky menus or complex product configurators).
LaFraise (The Strawberry)
Bold and colourful clothing from user-submitted designs, Threadless-style.
Spreadshirt US, Europe
Sell shirts you’ve designed. Having to set up separate shops for different regions is a pain, but otherwise looks pretty good (one to consider for malevole merchandise).
Airside Shop
Get yourself a Battle Royale T-shirt cheap in the sale at the moment. Just don’t wear it outside a school.
T-Shirt Forums
Discussion about the industry, handy if you’re looking for info on selling shirts.


You just made Iron-On Resistance some money.

— Greg, 22nd Mar, 6:26pm

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