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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site


Want to impress a non-tech-savvy person with your apparently-l33t hacking skills on April 1st?

Beforehand, make the Links/Bookmarks toolbar visible in your browser (View > Toolbars > Links in IE; View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox), and drag each of the bookmarklet/favelet links below onto it (NB: if you’re not reading this directly from the site then the links may not work, so head for this entry’s page first).

Call the person over, bring up a site (e.g. a big name, or maybe a competitor), and explain in hushed tones that what you’re about to do is highly illegal but very cool and completely untraceable. Click the first button on your toolbar and it’ll prompt you for some nonsense input, put up a confirmation alert, then you should find the page is editable.

Mischievously ‘vandalise’ a few details, then click the second button to ‘save’ your changes (this’ll produce more prompts in IE, but does nothing in Firefox). Hurriedly close your browser and swear your observer to secrecy…


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