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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Settling Into A New Home

I’ve just moved this site from a dedicated EV1Servers box over to shared hosting at DreamHost, and so far everything seems OK; let me know if you spot any weirdness.

I suspect I’ll switch back to my own server at some point, but for now I can save some cash, get access to new features without a tricky major server upgrade, and forget about server admin for a while. DreamHost’s reliability has been relatively poor recently, but it’s a dirt cheap deal with the right features so I’m giving them a go. If they turn out to be crap I’ll let you know, if they’re good I’ll probably spam you with endless referral links like most of their customers.

(One quick tip for preparing to move a site: on both your old and new hosting, set any important email addresses to redirect to a webmail account elsewhere until you’re sure DNS changes have propagated and all is well. That way there’s no risk of emails getting stuck in inaccessible mailboxes.)


Ev1Server's is the company that sells their network services to the company that handles DNS requests for those that protest soldiers funerals. So I couldn't use them anyway!

Jason Spalding, 24th Mar, 10:32pm

It's fair enough to avoid supporting companies you feel are unethical, but I reckon you could find a connection from any hosting firm to something you find objectionable. The nature of the internet means everything's interlinked in all kinds of ways.

Matt Round, 25th Mar, 10:38am

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