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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

February Link Dump

Wow, this game is delightful. Incredibly easy to play, very funny and featuring the kind of attention to detail that’s rarely seen. If you get completely stuck then as a last resort use the walkthrough.
Creating Water From a Tap
A Photoshop effects tutorial that isn’t crap.
Nick Robinson’s Newslog
A lot of news outlets jumped on the blogging bandwagon without a clear purpose or understanding, but this one seems to be working well, it has a chattier and more conspiratorial air than the TV coverage.
ActionScript 2.0 Cheat Sheet
Not bad, but the next version with method parameters should be more useful.
Yahoo! UI Library, Yahoo! Design Pattern Library, Graded Browser Support
Loads of lovely developer freebies and information.
Puzzling CSS
An impressive hack: a simple maze game made purely with CSS, there’s no JavaScript or Flash.
25 Free Grunge Fonts
I’ll have to find a use for Porcelain sometime.


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