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Banning’s Too Good For ’Em

BMW’s German site has been banned from Google; the ‘Google Death Penalty’ basically gives them a PageRank of 0 and cuts off search referrals. Their crime? Stuffing the site with countless pages that were spidered by Google but not seen by users, to act as misleading bait.

This is great news for those of us who promote sensible, ‘ethical’ SEO techniques, and hopefully there really will be a worldwide crackdown. Ban the lot of ’em and make them wait a year for reinstatement, I say; Google’s sometimes too soft.

The stupid thing is that BMW could’ve easily avoided the hassle and expense of scamming & getting caught by making effective use of the web in the first place. If they built their cars the way they build their sites they’d fall apart before they got out of the factory.


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