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malevolent design weblog

February 2006

5th Banning’s Too Good For ’Em
BMW Germany gets caught trying to game Google.
7th Selective Google Adsense and Firefox Ads
Detect search engine referrals and Internet Explorer.
9th Image Processing/Retouching Challenge
Is there ‘Retake Photo’ plugin for Photoshop?
10th The Web Is Rubbish
Go on, get it off your chest.
19th Lilac Leamington
A token web presence for the Midlands’ latest boutique.
20th Cashing In On Karl
Will listeners pay for podcasts?
22nd February Link Dump
Bears, water, politics, web dev and fonts.
23rd Google Page Creator (BETA, of course)
A bit like a web-based FrontPage v1.
27th Settling Into A New Home
Fingers crossed after moving hosting firms.

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