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The IMDb Rides Out

I love the way sites like IMDb, Wikipedia and search engines let you roam about and confirm hunches, it’s like a brain implant for us rambling information junkies:

  • A few weeks back I watched The Devil Rides Out
  • One of the characters, Rex, sounded familiar, but the actor’s filmography didn’t ring any bells
  • Sure enough, it turns out his voice was dubbed by Patrick Allen
  • Protect and Survive leafletPatrick Allen narrated the Protect and Survive Public Information Film (even now I find the detached, practical approach to dealing with nuclear war conveyed in the film and leaflets horribly chilling)
  • One scene in The Devil Rides Out, featuring automatic doors leading through to an inner chamber, instantly reminded me of The Prisoner, and a little bald guy in one of the subsequent scenes looked like the Controller/Supervisor from that series
  • Peter SwanwickYep, he turns out to be Peter Swanwick, and a few behind-the-scenes staff worked on both projects
  • I thought maybe this was a chance for a nice high Bacon number, but no, his score is a mediocre 3. Bah.

(It’s not like I do that kind of data-foraging thing all the time. No. That would be really weird, right…?)


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