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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

New Year Link Dump

Leftover scraps from the ol’ notes.txt file:

Own The Last 1,000 Pixels on
The Million Dollar Home Page looked all set to sell out at the turn of the year, bringing a neat end to the story… until the clever/greedy swine decided to cash in on the last-minute rush by withholding and auctioning off the remaining space. Ack.
scarabic answers “Should we tell our daughter the truth about Santa?”
Best cynical Christmas quote ever: Santa Claus is just a Jesus Christ whose message children can understand: "be good, get toys."
Microsoft Windows WMF "SETABORTPROC" Arbitrary Code Execution
Basically pretty much any Windows PC can be compromised via web pages, emails or files, due to a serious vulnerability in the way images are handled. Things could get very messy over the next few days. There’s an unofficial fix, and ongoing coverage over at F-Secure’s weblog
Printing CSS background images (sort of)
A clever way of avoiding one of the downsides of most image replacement techniques.
Feed Icons
Microsoft’s decided to adopt Mozilla’s feed icon for its future syndication features, and hopefully others will follow suit and improve usability just a little. I’m not sure about encouraging colour variations (sticking with orange helps with recognition), but it’s great that Matt Brett’s stepped in and made the icon so readily available when its creators didn’t.
Generate free screenshots of web sites as displayed by Apple’s Safari; handy for Mac-deprived web developers.
FACE: Faruk's Animated CSS Enhancements
Looks well-implemented and easy-to-use.
CSS-Technique: Worn Type
Roughing-up text by overlaying speckled images.
Centered Tabs with CSS
One of those things that might seem really simple, but it’s actually fiendishly tricky to get working reliably.


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