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malevolent design weblog

January 2006

2nd New Year Link Dump
Clearing out miscellaneous bits’n’pieces.
4th Feeds, Icons and Orange
Falling into line with Mozilla and Microsoft.
5th The IMDb Rides Out
Feeding my random trivia addiction online.
11th The Lion, The Witch and The Artwork
I’m sure any confusion is entirely unintentional…
14th Finishing Touches: Prettier Printing
Making sure sites look their best on paper.
19th Dimwitted Denial of Service
They just didn’t think it through…
22nd Flash the Cash
Don’t act too coy about your finances.
24th New Blood For Bloglines
Some additions to my daily reading.
25th Opera Mini (Operetta?)
A nifty free web browser for your mobile.
31st January Link Dump
IE, animals, T-shirts, dinosaurs, tooltips, driving, wrapping and a quiz.

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