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iPod USB Charging Problem

If you get a new iPod for Christmas, keep a careful eye on it during its first charge/update. You’re supposed to leave it charging for hours to ensure everything’s nicely calibrated, but while getting a video iPod set up ready to give to someone I eventually noticed it had stopped charging after all the tracks had been transferred. It also wouldn’t reconnect to the iPod to transfer more tracks. I got it charging again using my Mac, but it’s probably screwed up the battery life somewhat, we’ll see.

It’s seemingly related to using iPods with Windows 2000, and happens because the power gets cut when the drive’s unmounted. The solution is to go into the options for that particular iPod and ‘Enable Disk Use’, which keeps the drive connected (meaning you have to manually eject it). Or buy a mains charger, now that Apple’s too tight-fisted to include one in the box.

Anyway, hopefully few people are affected by this, but I thought I’d try to get a clear description out there for others to find.


Agree - same problem here with video ipod.

this is a bug IMHO, it prevents the ipod from charging when connected to a power-only usb cable, e.g. with a "usb" travel phone charger, or by just connecting up to a PC-less powered hub.

— Greg, 6th Jan, 10:58pm

Mine's worse. The ONLY way I can charge my iPod is to plug it into the cig lighter charger I have, or to plug it into the wall charger (which it doesn't even initally recognize) and then do a soft reset, so that the iPod realizes it's plugged in to power. So annoying. I need to back the ipod up and send it in, but DAMN... I just want the $300 thing to WORK. Yea, apple's warranty is great, blah blah- what would be great is if no one knew if it was great or not cause they didn't need to USE THE WARRANTY!!

— adam, 20th Jan, 4:33pm

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