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Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’

(See the updated version for better dragging and dropping)

This’ll all seem horribly simplistic to experienced Flash developers, and irrelevant to those who don’t use Flash at all, but I thought a few people in-between those two extremes might find it useful. With a teeny bit of ActionScript you can add crude drag’n’drop to individual graphics to quickly produce things like:

  • ‘Fuzzy Felt’-type activities for kids
  • A ‘Build a Snowman’ Christmas e-card
  • Simple jigsaws
  • Daft Identikits
  • A mystery object to piece together

Simply insert your graphic/animation into a button, and put this script on the button:

on (press)

on (release, releaseOutside)

Then put the button into a movie clip. You should find you can pick it up and drop it using the mouse.

To help make things clearer, I’ve put together an example FLA (Flash MX or newer required) featuring 3 draggable items you can use to get started.

(If you end up producing something inspired by this weblog entry, feel free to mention/promote it in the comments)


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