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Mid-November Link Dump

Another clear-out of links loitering in my notes.txt file:

Any Question Answered for a quid; basically Google Answers for quick queries. They couldn’t tell a colleague how many Filet-O-Fish are sold in the UK each year though (not sure why they asked that, perhaps it’s intrigued them for years).
Top Ten Barry Pepper Films
A superbly-stupid Top of the Pods top ten sent in by Roger Smalls (who’s too funny to be for real). (More Roger in a recent Daily Source Code, 36 mins in)
On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
Bad news for the paranoid: you’ve been amplifying those mind control signals all these years.
Best derivative company name ever? (Non-UK readers might find this site helpful in understanding its genius)
Vector Safari
The big snag with this is that most clients won’t have used Safari, so they’ll probably think it’s all part of your site design.
Former Gizmondo executive's mafia convictions revealed
Er… um… I didn’t mean what I said, guys, you’re all wonderful and deserved every penny.
MRE cooking instructions
Includes a wonderfully non-specific suggestion for propping-up the carton. Part of Ernie the Attorney’s great coverage of how New Orleans is recovering.


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