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malevolent design weblog

November 2005

2nd Some People Just Won’t Listen to Good Advice
The perils of game development and sequelitis.
5th Finishing Touches: Fonts
Tweaking typography using less obvious font choices.
6th Stagnation and Overfeeding
A couple of weblog observations.
9th Splog Generator
TV theme lyrics should be used for good, not evil
11th Mid-November Link Dump
Questions, lunacy, paranoia, goths, vectors, mafia and cooking.
14th Passing Comment
The tricky task of separating ham from spam.
16th Flash ‘Fuzzy Felt’
Really simple drag’n’drop scripting.
17th A Slight Snag With Amazon DVD Rentals
We’re supposed to be good at queuing over here.
20th The Download Factor
Why aren’t TV talent shows releasing music?
21st Analysing Analytics
Giving Google’s new web stats a try.
23rd Alexa and Your WHOIS Info
Keeping domain registration details off the web.
26th Finishing Touches: Avoiding Caching Glitches
Prevent old style sheets from hanging around.
28th Blogging Birthday
A minor milestone slips by unnoticed.

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