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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Long Time No Blog

No, the site/feed wasn’t broken, and I wasn’t abducted by aliens/Gizmondo executives; the past couple of weeks have just been exhaustingly busy. I’ve been keeping notes though and now have a bulging text file to sift through.

I get slight pangs of guilt when I don’t update this weblog, but nothing compared with how I feel about abandoning malevole. Every week I get emails about the site, and a few weeks ago managed to reactivate the web stats, which was perhaps a mistake. You see, it turns out that despite leaving it to stagnate for a year, and barely updating for the year before that, it still gets 15–20,000 visits per day. Shit.

I really can’t ignore a level of traffic that’s an order of magnitude greater than anything I’ve had here, so I guess it’s time to make up my mind about Flash vs. JavaScript and get things moving. It’s all about somehow finding enough hours in the day to make use of all the daft ideas and enthusiasm.


Multimedia Malevole! Although it would be nice to see more of the interesting use of things like the wonky notes. I can't decide either.

— morcs, 14th Oct, 12:24pm

No Flash

— Dave Beard, 15th Oct, 1:31pm

what the world needs now
less flash less flash

— bug house, 17th Oct, 4:20pm

Malevole is significant BECAUSE it makes full use of the mosaic without using something as cumbersome as flash- going to flash would be similar to adding SVG, another correct but not truly ubiquitous system.
Making a breakthrough sticky mosiac use case for firefox could be just as significant though...

Tony, 23rd Oct, 7:37am

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