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Atom Feed Upgraded

As promised, I’ve switched this site’s Atom feed to version 1.0. It’s time we all completely killed off v0.3, so if you have an Atom feed make sure it’s up-to-date.

One thing that almost prevented the upgrade was Firefox’s Live Bookmarks. I thought I’d tested an Atom 1.0 feed in the past and had it working, despite Firefox not yet supporting the format, but my new feed stubbornly refused to load. Eventually I tracked down a Sam Ruby comment that solved the problem. Apparently you have to explicitly state rel="alternate" for link tags (rather than relying on it being the default), avoid relative paths, and use plain text for titles. I only needed to implement the first of those tips, and now Firefox can make enough sense of the feed to display the links.

Safari also had problems due to its lack of 1.0 support and was displaying the content’s source code. A switch from <content type="html"> to <content type="xhtml"> fixed that one.

So far it seems those two adjustments have done the trick, but I’ll do some more testing when I get the chance.

Update: the Safari fix broke Bloglines, so I’ve reversed that change for now.


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