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Spam in Space

Got $80,000 to spend on gimmicky marketing? Don’t fancy simply giving it all to me in return for a nifty online campaign? Ah well, instead you could join the CubeSat programme (more photos) and launch something into space, accompanied by a whole load of daft publicity about how you’re advertising to aliens. If those academic stick-in-the-muds don’t like the idea of being involved in your tacky commercial schemes then don’t worry, bribing a few geeky students to act as a front and sneak your product/message aboard should be pretty easy.

Hang on, this all reminds me of a terrible film I once saw on daytime TV — ah yes, IMDb reveals it to be Dentist on the Job, starring Bob Monkhouse, in which a group of young dentists smuggle a toothpaste jingle onto a satellite. How’s that for a hip, cutting-edge cultural reference, eh?


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