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iPod mono(lith)? A Space iPodyssey…?

Apparently the black iPod nano is vastly outselling the white, but there’ll be trouble when Dave and the apes realise it comes with white headphones and cables…

iPod mono(lith)


the ipod nano white intices me

but is it really worth getting rid of my totally awesome minidisk player?

i'm kidding about the awesome part, but cmon the sony mdplayers use 1 AA battery which will last a month or better

can portability top convenience?

sure! since minidisplayers are also a pain to put music on, a USB cable and ipod are a great combo

now if only they had even less expensive flash memory.. thats too much to pay for 2 cd's worth of stolen music.

imthedarkcyde, 9th Sep, 9:13pm

I wouldlike to know more about the ipod monoAli

— Alice barmatz, 20th Sep, 3:03am

There's no such thing as the "iPod mono", Alice. If you follow the link in this entry or head over to Apple's site you'll find it's called the "nano".

(I'm getting a fair bit of search engine traffic from people looking for the "mono"; I guess the name's being misheard?)

Matt Round, 20th Sep, 5:59am

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