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malevolent design weblog

September 2005

4th Finishing Touches: Useful URLs
The address bar is part of your site’s interface.
5th Best Corporate Motto Ever
I quote this one far too often.
7th Rubbish ROKR, Nifty nano?
Apple both delights and underwhelms.
8th Even Fewer Popups with Firefox
How to close a popups-from-plugins loophole.
9th iPod mono(lith)? A Space iPodyssey…?
11th The One Dollar Weblog Page
Flogging ads and PageRank in gimmicky ways.
13th Email Injection Attacks
Got a contact form? Make sure it’s safe.
14th Copywriting That Deserves a Kicking
I’m sure there’s deep meaning in there somewhere.
16th Advanced Catnapping
‘Hacking’ your sleep to try to get more out of the day.
18th Encyclopedic Internationalisation
Using Wikipedia as an example of I18n best practice.
19th World of Plague
Online games need a bit of unintended death, destruction and chaos.
21st Playing with Hazardous Materials
Kids get cool toys nowadays.
22nd Atom Upgrade
Feed update to 1.0 imminent.
23rd Hosting and Hurricanes
It’s easy to forget where your server is in the real world.
25th Spam in Space
Product launches with a difference.
26th Revving Rev
Unusual coffin transportation and gimmicky church signs.
27th Software Development Myths
A few misconceptions about programming.
28th Atom Feed Upgraded
I’ve made the switch from v0.3 to v1.0.

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