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August Link Dump

I won’t be able to post anything this week, so here’s a bit of a clear-out of some links from my bulging weblog notes file:

The Toast Shop
An awesome concept that will surely transform the world of e-commerce.
An interesting-looking game development system for OS X. It’ll eventually be possible to create Windows games with it, and although GooBall isn’t a fantastic game, it’s a fairly good demo of the graphics and physics engine.
Bar None
This reminded me of someone I once knew who got a bar code tattoo. He was rather disappointed when it failed to scan successfully at the supermarket.
Klass of 99
A remake of the classic Spectrum games Skool Daze and Back to Skool. Great fun if you played the originals, and a reminder of how much can be done with a handful of pixels.
Or were you one of the rich kids with a BBC Micro? This in-browser emulator has the classic Repton (a BoulderDash rip-off) sitting in the drive; use *EXEC !BOOT to get it going.
Silver surfers ready to storm shops
Never mind the content of the article, someone buy that woman in the picture a lower desk, it’s an ergonomics disaster waiting to happen.


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