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malevolent design weblog

August 2005

2nd Facing Danger
An anthropomorphic appliance.
4th Apple Mighty Mouse Review
Loads more buttons, a mini trackball and a daft name.
7th They Know Where You Browse
Browsers expose more data than you might realise.
8th The Stanley Kubrick Archives
A lovely big glossy book for film geeks.
11th Subject: Ring, Ring
Treat email more like the phone? Huh?
12th Flashy Flash 8
New toys to play with from Macromedia.
14th Finishing Touches: Presenting Feeds
‘RSS’? ‘XML’? ‘All a bit of a mess’?
21st August Link Dump
A clear-out featuring toast, games and more.
27th Inbox Oddities
Web sites are magnets for odd emails.
29th Coding Isn’t Important
What makes a good developer?
30th Download This Weblog Entry for $2.99
The healthy market for ‘casual games’ and digital content.

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