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Two things that are still with us long after they seemingly became irrelevant or inappropriate:

Record-scratch sound
You hear this one all the time, abruptly cutting off music and interrupting the flow of an ad/programme/film, but do most people born after 1985 associate it with vinyl or is it just a weird sound to them? Does it work well enough without visualising a needle skidding across a record? (musings elsewhere about this)
Floppy disk save icon
Many young people now using computers will never have used a floppy drive, yet the icon persists. Will it soon be replaced, or has the image of the floppy acquired a symbolism and iconic (sorry) status in its own right that’ll keep it in use indefinitely?

Anyone got any other examples…?


In the dance music world vinyl is still the medium of choice. I have several friends with turntables and all the clubs I go to also play their music on them. It may not be a mainstream culture thing, but vinyl is far from dead.

Greg, 2nd Aug, 1:43am

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