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malevolent design weblog

July 2005

6th Not-So-Instant Messaging
The urge to communicate results in some interesting hacks.
11th Finishing Touches: Search Engine Optimisation
How to avoid throwing away free traffic.
14th Dog-and-Bone-over-IP
Indulge your multinational pretensions with SkypeIn.
16th How About “Up and Atom”? No…?
Feed format hits version 1.0 .
18th “RAD Framework, Dude!”
Ruby has been on Rails for a while; now Python has Django.
19th Daftest Ever Use of a Domain Name?
CNET should know better.
21st Scratch’n’Save
Sounds and images can outlive their sources.
26th “Kids Love Potter, Jerry”
J.K.Rowling demonstrates how not to use Flash.
28th Yahooulator! Yidgets
Yahoo! sneaks onto the desktop with Konfabulator.
30th Sky Interactive’s E-Business Portal
Get your web site on UK satellite telly for free? Surely not.

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