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Similar Templating

Dave Shea’s approach to building up pages is a lot like my “Tesco Value” templating system used for small sites, although I tend to opt for functions rather than multiple includes to improve security and performance (several commenters made similar suggestions).

For example, a simple page might use a bit of PHP:


$section = 'services';   //site section the page is in
$title = 'Example Page'; //main bit of page title
$style = 'subpage';      //class to add to body tag

$description = 'An amazing example page.';
$keywords = 'template,php,hacky';


<p>Page content</p>


The functions use the global variables to build up the layout, highlight the current section in the navigation, etc., with a few simple if statements. For larger sites you need to look at things like XSLT and Smarty, but don’t feel compelled to overcomplicate.


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