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More XML Goodness from Google and Microsoft

Google Sitemaps is an experimental way for site owners to submit XML-based lists of pages, indicating what to index and roughly how often. I suppose it’s intended to both make spidering more efficient and help Google respond to the fast, on-demand indexing offered by blog search engines such as Technorati.

Playing around with the priority tag might prove useful, and there’s bound to be a slight advantage for those submitting sitemaps. If you develop content management systems or blogging software start looking at adding support now to get a head start.

Microsoft Office Open XML Formats will be introduced in Office 12, along with updates for Office 2000/XP/2003, and will be available under a royalty-free license (hopefully with few strings attached). This could be a huge change in Microsoft’s strategy, probably forced by growing pressure from rival formats and customers’ (particularly governments’) anxiety about storing content in closely-guarded proprietary formats.

Again, if you work on content management systems then keep a close eye on this, it might allow you to do things that were previously too tricky and early support for the new format could be an advantage.


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