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malevolent design weblog

June 2005

1st Sticky Content
You never know when you might want to glue styrofoam to glass.
2nd Quick Quote for the Day
A few words from Ernest Svenson.
4th More XML Goodness from Google and Microsoft
Google Sitemaps and Microsoft Office Open XML Formats.
4th Retro Tablet Computing
So when do we get to buy a HAL 9000?
6th Finishing Touches: Block Quotes
Neatly displaying quoted chunks of content and their sources.
10th Zap United
New Man U owners’ dodgy dot-com past.
12th Naming Names
A worrying URL, ‘creative’ baby name and oddly-titled theme park ride.
15th Similar Templating
Using just a dash of server-side coding to build up simple pages.
16th Tesco Value Weblog Entry
Don’t live off the cheap beans and bread for too long…
23rd Logo Link Dump
Clearing out my graphic design bookmarks.
25th Sagem PVR6240T Review
A cheap hard disk recorder for UK digital terrestrial broadcasts.
27th FIGHT!
Debating the world’s conflicts.
29th iTunes Pushes Podcasting, Flirts With Phones
Apple takes podcasts mainstream. ‘iPhone’ imminent?
30th Indie Racing
Online gaming changes everything for independent developers.

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