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A 3D Frog That Isn’t Crazy

Gogofrog lets you create your own 3D environment using Flash. It works fine, but it’s not visually stunning and, like much 3D content, I’m not sure the extra dimension adds anything useful (particularly with such restrictive rendering and movement).

Even though Director has had 3D support for years, it hasn’t caught on. Meanwhile, Flash developers have taken matters into their own hands, creating basic 3D engines, demos and games.

My Late 5K EntryA few years back I had a go at coding a simple Flash 3D engine to place objects in a landscape, with a few lighting effects thrown in, resulting in My Late 5K Entry (I was gutted that I missed the deadline for the now-dead 5K Contest; I loved that competition and the amazing entries it produced). Since then I’ve produced a couple of 3D-ish games, but for some reason haven’t returned to the engine and tried to make more of it.

So, aside from pre-rendered 3D animations (e.g. stuff like tokyoplastic produced by software like Swift 3D), what cutting-edge examples of 3D Flash are around? Is there anything truly stunning and/or useful out there?


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