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No Feline Wordplay Headlines Here

My PowerBook got upgraded to OS X Tiger a few days ago. It seems solid and perhaps a little faster, with only a few quirks and glitches.

Spotlight searchI wasn’t excited about Spotlight (how thrilling can yet another desktop search be, right?) but it’s actually rather impressive. The categorised results work well, and saving searches as Smart Folders is great. It did start indexing files stored on my iPod shuffle though, then got stuck, which meant I couldn’t eject the drive properly and it got corrupted. After deleting some of the files and transferring music over again I added it to Spotlight’s exclusion list and everything’s now behaving. Prompting before indexing external drives would probably be a good idea.

Dashboard is beautifully slick, but I’ve only made real use of the Dictionary widget (which shows off the built-in dictionary/thesaurus) so far and I’m not sure whether users can really deal with another desktop layer (Exposé already adds another set of desktop views). Developers will have fun producing odd widgets though.

Overall, it’s a steady step forward from 10.3 rather than a huge leap, so don’t rush to upgrade unless you really need one of the new features.


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