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malevolent design weblog

May 2005

1st Add Google Maps’ Directions to Your Site
Help people to find you with a simple little form.
5th Tesco’s Latest Acquisition
A magickal colleague heads off for a new challenge.
9th Podcasting Miscellany
A collection of notes about the new medium.
10th To Have and to Withhold
Don’t get screwed by the wedding photographer.
12th No Feline Wordplay Headlines Here
OS X Tiger is pretty good.
13th OSXford English Dictionary
Some surprising omissions and puerile inclusions.
15th Rearranging the Weblog Furniture
Just a few unspectacular changes to structure and presentation.
17th Unsettled British Weather
BBC TV forecasts now using newfangled 3D technology.
18th “Make clips of yourselves… and each other”
Yep, it’s another quoteplay mention.
19th Danger: Tree Surgeons at Work
Some nifty road sign recycling.
21st Daft Domain Up for Grabs
Groan-inducing available for free.
22nd Google Web Accelerator Aftermath
Lessons learned from the publicised problems.
23rd Bloglines Plumber
Have you spotted this man on Watchdog?
26th A 3D Frog That Isn’t Crazy
Pushing Flash, kicking and screaming, into the third dimension.
29th Where the Web Went Right
Ted Nelson v Tim Berners-Lee? The web wins by default.

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