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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

quoteplay Update

quoteplay, the free software I created to allow linking to audio excerpts, hasn’t quite set the podcasting world alight, but I haven’t seen anything better that’s easy to install/use so I’ll persevere and create the server-side-slicing version sometime soon.

I should also be able to allow playback via the quoteplay player before the entire MP3 has downloaded (seems I was doing the right thing when I tried it originally, must’ve been a random spanner in the works; works for Kenny).

There’s an interesting alternative approach over at RPXP/web, which generates clip playlists for Real, Quicktime and Windows Media. But an easy all-in-one solution is tantalisingly out of reach, as M3U playlists (the only viable cross-player format) don’t include start and end points.


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