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malevolent design weblog

April 2005

1st Tinned Meat from WordPress
Search engine spamming’s bad, no matter who’s doing it.
2nd Finishing Touches: Opacity Rollovers
Add a translucency effect to linked images.
4th How to be Stabbed in the Face
A famous comment-rich weblog entry.
5th Master of Your Domain
Definitely not a ‘Seinfeld’ reference.
7th quoteplay Update
Imminent improvements, and an interesting alternative approach.
9th Now Where Did I Leave My Acoustic Coupler…
…I need to use an impractical flashy 3D interface.
10th Linking With Confidence
Authoritative sources of information on the web.
12th Amazon DVD Rentals
Initial impressions are mostly positive.
13th Lorem Ipsum: The Next Generation
Spoof software indirectly impresses girlfriend.
14th Gmail Basic HTML View
Not as accessible as it should be.
17th Useful Stuff: Writing
Online tools and resources for spelling, grammar and style.
19th The Lionel Richie Experience
“Throw away the work to be done / Let the music play on”
21st Syndication Showdown
Reigning champion RSS versus young contender Atom.
23rd Using Flash’s Local Shared Objects for Good, Not Evil
Add nifty features with Flash’s answer to cookies.
25th Monty and the Captive Goats
Starting arguments with statistics.
28th Mobile Frustrations
Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by the web’s openness?
30th Safari So Goody (Sorry…)
First to pass Acid2; Internet Explorer still struggling with Acid0.0001 .

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