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iSmoke shuffle: Life is Low Tar

My colleague Eric (who tragically hasn’t got a site for me to link to) bought the sports case for his iPod shuffle and somehow noticed that it not only snugly protects his music player, but is also a perfect fit for 3 ciggies or a cigarette lighter. Pure coincidence, or the work of an avid smoker at Apple?

iSmoke shuffle

Anyway, now Eric just has to buy a couple more cases and all his essential possessions can be carried round his neck safely protected from the elements.


You know, if you took out the headphone plug and cut a hole in the end to let you apply flame and allow oxygen entry, you could make the case into a triple smoker! Smoke three cigarettes all at once.

Apple: Making life better, one lung at a time.

— Otto, 11th Mar, 12:25am

Or maybe you could quit smoking and save one lung at atime, but fine wit me if you wanna die at ayoung age, breathe worse, make your face ugly

— The Helpful Helper, 11th Mar, 1:41am

shut up the helpful helper. nobody wants your advice

— jason, 11th Mar, 3:24am

"Or maybe you could quit smoking and save one lung at atime, but fine wit me if you wanna die at ayoung age, breathe worse, make your face ugly"— The Helpful Helper

Hey, as long as we're doling out opinions on the choices other people should be making, could I suggest you get off your soapbox and do something more productive? Like shove a car up your arse? Thanks.

— Theo, 11th Mar, 3:44am

I'll stop smoking if you learn English.

— Pope John Paul III, 11th Mar, 3:57am


— I dont care bout this article, 11th Mar, 4:13am

I dont care if you smoke....1 less idiot in the world!

— Embrace, 11th Mar, 4:36am

Doesn't fit that well.... Look, all the ciggies are dented/deformed/mis-shapen.

Hey, a REALLY good idea, put a shuffle in the case and keep your ciggies in the box they came in.

(insert compulsary comment about giving up smoking, etc)

— D, 11th Mar, 6:42am

Three smokes isn't going to get you very far. Get a proper ipod case, prolly fit the best part of a deck in there.

Someone needs to put 10 ipod shuffles in a 30 deck of smokes now, just to complete the gag.

Lo_Pan, 11th Mar, 6:57am

Thanks for the comments, now I feel dumber, and 1 more minute of my life is gone...

— Stupified, 11th Mar, 11:24am

You shouldn't feel dumber; think of it as a 1 minute lesson in how people can somehow find a way to squabble about absolutely anything on the web.

Matt Round, 11th Mar, 2:00pm

If he quit smoking, he could save up enough money to buy a real iPod.


— Stop the Robots, 11th Mar, 4:05pm

That was lame str.

Skoorqe, 11th Mar, 4:20pm

That was lamer than the Pope.

— Shut up, StR, 11th Mar, 4:37pm

why did I read this?

— Older Now, 11th Mar, 4:53pm

Lame or not, entirely true.

— Eat mo Robots, 11th Mar, 5:02pm

Yea, ZING! Wow that was a real ZINGER!

You are an idiot, if anyone should get cancer and die, it's you.


— Dick Fitzwell, 11th Mar, 6:02pm

Fascinating as all this has been for everyone, find somewhere else to exchange any more 'zingers' or oncological advice, OK?

Matt Round, 11th Mar, 6:43pm

I just can't beleive something so funny can become a target with politically-correctness watchers. 1 quarter of industrialized world still smokes. Zillions of people can't make jokes? Smoking doesn't make anyone stupid. Stoping doesn't make anyone more intelligent. Cmon, just have a laugh for life's sake... (FYI, I quit a few weeks ago. And I still think this one is darn funnny!)

— Karl R, Montreal QC, 11th Mar, 7:27pm

I suppose for a school kid trying to keep ciggies hidden from their teachers, it's a pretty cool hack. I like it. Otherwise, well, cigs fit into pretty much anything ...

— PJGH, 11th Mar, 10:34pm

(in case I didn't make it obvious enough: any comments that aren't relevant to this weblog entry in some way are now getting deleted. This isn't a discussion board for debating smoking)

Matt Round, 12th Mar, 11:17am

there must be plenty of younger generation iPod cases out there that can be had for a dime. Those will protect a whole pack!

— klang, 12th Mar, 2:48pm

30 bucks for a ciggie case that holds 3 cigarettes. bargain! and think of all the people who will be impressed with your inguenity and bargain hunting ability.

— rehabs for quitters, 12th Mar, 8:59pm

Holds Hash and Coke Better!

— Ted Zeemer, 13th Mar, 1:14am

thank you zeemer, juice all over the screen

— volume, 13th Mar, 6:46pm

What also works just as well is Altoid cases and they are ALOT cheaper!

— Saving some money, 14th Mar, 6:57am

just buy a ciggarette case, theyre made for them, and they look quite nice. still, the picture is funny.

— greg, 14th Mar, 2:11pm

How many Shuffles fit in a pack of cigarettes?

— Smokey Joe, 16th Mar, 6:57am

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