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malevolent design weblog

March 2005

2nd The Knowledge of All Font
Simple freeware for managing typefaces.
8th Dog-eared Bookmarks
Have bookmarks/favorites become irrelevant?
9th iSmoke shuffle: Life is Low Tar
A rather non-sporty use for the sports case.
10th Yahoo Marketing
Iffy toolbar bundling by Adobe and Macromedia.
13th This Here Weblog: The Story So Far
Four months of web development trivia.
14th Validate While You Browse
Handy Firefox extension for developers.
16th Not The ‘Blink’ Malcom Gladwell Had In Mind
Hotel haunted by CSS horror.
19th Minimalist Menus
Keeping interactive systems simple.
21st RSS Republishing Row
Is putting others’ content on your site OK?
22nd March Link Dump
A quick clear-out of this month’s notes.
26th Empty Niches
Has every weblog idea been done already? Not quite…
27th Easter Eggs
Sorry, no chocolate. You know it’s bad for you.
28th Time-Wasting Time
Changing clocks twice a year seems a bit odd.
29th “How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Update a Weblog?”
A new discussion ‘blawg’ from Denise Howell and co.
31st Totally Sucks, Dude
Better products from Sony, same old rubbish web sites.

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