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PayPal Credit Card Payments

Yesterday I noticed that PayPal lets sellers receive credit card payments from customers without PayPal accounts. This was launched in the US last year but has only recently made it to the UK; previously everyone had to register, which was a huge barrier.

I’ve already changed my quoteplay registration info to mention credit card payments. Many sellers won’t have noticed the new feature yet as you don’t get shown the payment options if you have an account and their cookie is set in your browser.

PayPal has had a bad reputation for (lack of) customer service, with numerous horror stories. Are they any better nowadays? Rival WorldPay may be largely held together with bits of string and sticky tape (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen their shoddy and confusing assortment of settings, templates, and documentation), but in my experience they give fairly good support, with real people available via email and ’phone. Whether that’s worth a few hundred pounds if setting up a tiny new e-commerce experiment is doubtful though.


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