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Presenting the News

Wikinews is currently having a design contest. One snag: the awful logo they’ve chosen will make producing a professional-looking design more difficult than it should be (to be fair, it is one of the better submissions).

The control freak in me says they’d get far better results by selecting a professional design team to create a full set of different-yet-related Wikimedia site identities, but hopefully the way designs are submitted (as fully working, viewable skins applied to the live site), combined with an open process and continuous refinement, will prove me wrong.


Me too... but I figure a half a kilo of belgian chocolates should also improve the odds of getting a working skin for Wikinews.

- Amgine (who has way too much time, apparently, and should be working harder)

Amgine, 24th Feb, 1:02am

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