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malevolent design weblog

February 2005

5th Link to Audio Excerpts With ‘quoteplay’
Podcast content can be opened up to deep-linking.
7th Domain Names: The ‘Evil Twin’ Episode
The foreseen hazards of multilingual URLs.
8th Finishing Touches: Code Blocks
Producing prettier program listings.
15th The Flashy Rodent Dilemma
Should I stick with DHTML when redesigning malevole?
17th Quick Reviews: iPod shuffle, iLife, and iWork
Playing with more products from Apple.
19th Presenting the News
Wikinews is running a design contest.
20th Moogle? MDoogle?
Search this site’s nooks and crannies.
20th Physics Geekery
Destroy the Earth with rubber bands, spuds, and Britney.
22nd PayPal Credit Card Payments
Big news for tiny e-commerce sites.
23rd Retro Markup: Just Say No, Kids
XHTML pointless and overhyped? No and yes…
24th Finishing Touches: Permalinks
Fine-tuning weblog entries’s links.
26th Not Viral, Just Rotten
26th “We’re Doomed!” “Don’t Panic!”
Perhaps I’m a bit too jumpy to be a professional sysadmin.
28th Finishing Touches: Text Inputs
Slightly slicker form styling.

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