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This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

You Are Here

You can now include a simple meta tag in your weblog to add it to Multimap’s local information feature. It’s not going to get used much by existing Multimap visitors (‘Weblogs’ is at the bottom of a long dropdown list at the top right), but might become a handy replacement for the ever-renovating GeoURL and should help raise Multimap’s profile (businesses and vandals will spam it if it catches on though).

Google bought a mapping company last year and searches the US phone book, and Amazon’s A9 has just added photos to its Yellow Pages, so connecting data via location is still a strong trend. Once maps, aerial photography, contact details, web sites, webcams, and photos are all fully linked and readily searchable it won’t be safe to leave the house without your tin-foil hat on.


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