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malevolent design weblog

January 2005

1st Information Freed
UK opens up public bodies; government Delete keys looking worn?
1st Finishing Touches: Styled Keys
Applying CSS to the kbd tag to display keyboard controls.
3rd Design and Branding in a Vacuum
Making cleaning and computing more interesting with good design.
5th Remote Scripting for Dummies
Resources for developers getting started with XMLHttpRequest.
5th ASCII + JavaScript = MathML
Good-looking mathematical formulas in web pages.
6th Anti-Spyware Validationware
Beta release accompanied by Windows validation scheme.
8th Decentralise
Is Macromedia Central going anywhere?
9th Insert Suitably-Bad ‘Atom’ Pun Here
Weblog XML feed now also available in the Atom format.
12th MSN Search Beta Better
Currently beats Google for inbound links.
12th iShopping
A people-watching visit to London’s Apple Store.
13th Finishing Touches: Emphasis
Highlighting the key point in each weblog entry.
15th Tagged
Feeds modified to support Technorati’s new service.
17th Link Link
Even popular, web-savvy sites do stupid, web-hostile things.
19th Stripped of Rank
The pros and cons of Google’s new link type.
21st The Man With 1¾ Brains
The barely-believable story of Einstein’s brain.
28th Penguins, Transformers, Stickmen, and Frogs
Watching TV ads gives me déjà vu.
29th You Are Here
Geotagged weblogs pinpointed by Multimap.

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