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Bryce 4 Free

The Christmas 2004 issue of 3D World magazine includes a full copy of version 4 of Bryce for both PC and Mac (Classic mode, unfortunately). I’ve never loved the ‘innovative’ interface, but it’s certainly a powerful package for generating stills and animations of landscape scenes. I’ve used previous versions to create backdrops for illustrations, and even just mucking about with textures and atmospheric effects is fascinating.

The next issue is due December 7th so it might not be in the shops for long.

Other 3D freebies:

Softimage|XSI EXP for Half-Life 2
Create HL2 characters, models, and environment elements, some limitations.
Discreet gmax
3D modelling and animation tool for game content, based on 3ds max.
Caligari gameSpace Light
Another 3D modeller for games, no. of polygons is limited and import/export restricted compared with full version.
Open source, cross-platform modelling/animation/rendering package, steep learning curve for its interface though.
Photorealistic landscape rendering, free for personal, noncommercial use.


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