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malevolent design weblog

December 2004

1st Deck the Sites with Boughs of Holly
Bringing the festive spirit to the web.
2nd Stirring Things Up
Good portal sites spread the fame around a little.
2nd Bryce 4 Free
3D landscape rendering package on magazine cover disc.
3rd Symbian Light
Create a rather feeble portable illumination device.
5th Have Favatars
Icons for comments, and a strange Microsoft observation.
6th Spiderability Testing
An online tool for helping assess search engine optimisation.
8th Mistake Number 21?
Hundreds of links to choose from. Great.
10th Flash Resurrection
Macromedia’s Flash for ’phones brings an old adversary back to life.
11th Manufacturing Widgets
Building mini-applications for Dashboard and Konfabulator.
13th Well Fed
Fattened-up RSS feed now contains full content.
15th Mapped Out
For some reason delivery firms still aren’t making full use of map data.
22nd Finishing Touches: External Links
Automatically adding little icons to signpost the emergency exits.
24th Excusing Exclusion
PLCs claim complying with accessibility law is hard work.

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