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malevolent design weblog

This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

Reinventing the Wheel

With so many good weblogging systems around nowadays (TypePad and WordPress have impressed me most), you’d have to be mad to build your own, right? Well, for this weblog I happily abandoned sanity.

Ultimately I decided the whole learning and experimentation process was as important as the weblog itself; building from scratch means nothing gets taken for granted, every detail is questioned. I’ve already extended my PHP/MySQL knowledge, had to consider the IA issues relating to weblogs, and implemented features such as RSS and update-pinging. That still leaves plenty more to ponder:

Atom feed
RSS is a slightly simpler format to hack together quickly, but Atom’s something I’m keen to support.
(added 9th Jan 2005)
Full content feed
At the moment the RSS feed only contains summaries; this might change at some point.
(added 13th Dec 2004)
Subscribe buttons
Links could be added to allow people using services such as My Yahoo! and Bloglines to easily subscribe; I’m wary of clutter but might add these.
(added 29th Nov 2004)
I’ll probably add little icons alongside commenters’ names. Erm, once there are some comments, of course.
(Favatars added 5th Dec 2004)
I’m not sure about Trackback and Pingback. I suspect I’ll implement one or both, but may try using intelligent referrer-tracking for inbound links.
Better management tools
The web interface for adding entries needs extending and improving to cover all weblog-related data and niceties such as uploading images.
(tools for managing search and comments added)
I’ve already got a search working for the rest of the site, it needs extending to cover the weblog before going live.
(added 20th Feb 2005)

(see the announcements category for more)


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