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Ill-informed Journalists, Bah Humbug

John Carroll’s grumbling article (bit early for ‘Christmas Caroll’ gags, surely?) tells us more about the author than anything else. Firefox isn’t perfect, and height-based layouts can sometimes be tricky, but the test page is a mess; claiming it demonstrates IE’s superiority is very silly. Other comments such as Why it would kill anyone to provide ‘document.all’ support in scripts is beyond me, though document.GetElementByID() does the trick and Some might object to the use of tables, which in CSS circles might seem so 1990s. I couldn’t care less. complete a picture of someone way out of touch with modern web development.

Perhaps he could try reading up on ‘web standards’ and how height is handled by browsers, or stick to more familiar topics and leave all this troublesome web page stuff to the professionals.


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