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OS X 10.3.6: Killer App

While upgrading my Powerbook to 10.3.6 (via Software Update) it locked up. That’s not a good time for a crash and, sure enough, it struggled to reboot, the trackpad no longer worked and I couldn’t launch the Finder. Ouch.

Even though only a relatively small number of hardware configurations needs to be supported, each Apple update seems to trash a worrying number of Macs and contain as many bugs as the previous version. OS X is generally a joy to use but Apple’s dubious quality control means I can never quite recommend Macs wholeheartedly.

Anyway, using a USB mouse I managed to download the combined update, then eventually found this helpful thread in the macosxhints Forums which explains how to repair the Finder from the command line. From there it was simply a matter of repairing disk permissions, retrying the update, and breathing a sigh of relief.


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