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malevolent design weblog

This blog is now defunct, but you can find more stuff over at my personal site

“Is It Switched On?”

An early experimental version of this company site featured a weblog/linklog area of links and commentary. It didn’t quite fit what I wanted to do at the time and, although the idea resurfaced later, within a couple of years the whole ‘blogosphere’ thing was getting over-hyped. A bulging bandwagon can be offputting.

Nowadays the hype is more bearable, and I’m feeling the urge to write a bit more, so I’ve decided to clamber aboard. It’ll also allow me to learn from the experience of building and running a weblogging system (more about that in future entries), possibly act as a guinea pig for small-scale experiments, and ensure my work colleagues no longer have to bear the full brunt of my opinionated ramblings.

As I’m a web developer, most of the content is likely to be web-related, but hopefully without too narrow a focus. Similarly, it’s a company blog, so I make no apologies for any self-promotion or commercialism.

The software I’m using to run all this is still fairly experimental, so please let me know of any bugs or quirks.


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