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malevolent design weblog

November 2004

1st “Is It Switched On?”
Introducing the Malevolent Design Weblog.
2nd Gmail Precautions
Keeping your account secure from prying eyes.
3rd Submit Yourself to the Button
Yield! Surrender! Give in to authority!
4th Shop (Someone) Online
“And I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky web site”
7th Alternative Input
Keyboards have moved on a bit since the old ZX Spectrum “dead flesh”…
8th Building Bridges
Civil engineering has never been so much fun.
9th Access to the Legal System
I love the smell of irony in the morning.
10th Free Graphics Software
A few vector and bitmap freebies.
11th Alpha Pint
A possible brainwave for pubs? OK, perhaps not.
14th The Phony Browser/Search/OS War
A crucial countdown for Mozilla, Google and Apple.
14th Packaging Progress
Using metal, PVC and liquid to get the message across.
15th “Are We Nearly There Yet?”
A minor Firefox usability grumble.
17th Suffering for Their Arts
The controversy over working hours in the games industry.
18th OS X 10.3.6: Killer App
Apple temporarily downgrades Powerbook to deluxe aluminium doorstop.
20th Focussing on the Reptilian
The perils of using simplistic market research to make decisions.
21st Finding the Right Copyright Copy
Licensing code snippets in articles and weblog entries for others to use.
21st Viral Advertising
Third-party ad server adds malicious code to The Register.
23rd “What do you want?” “Information.”
“You won’t get it.” “By hook or by crook, we will.”
23rd BetterFilter
Will anyone dare to not use blue?
24th Credit Password
A possible way to help prevent fraudulent credit in your name?
26th Ill-informed Journalists, Bah Humbug
Columnist’s page doesn't work properly. Blames browser.
26th Favatars
A nifty idea for adding little icons to weblog comments.
27th Yahoo!’s Rather Large Youth Club
No smuggled-in cigarettes or cheap cider though.
28th Reinventing the Wheel
Revelling in the madness of building my own blogging system.
30th Sorry Walkman
Yet another music player lamb to the iPod slaughter?
30th Reading the News
Feeding your information addiction with Bloglines.

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